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“Let us all meet each other with smile, because the smile is the beginning of love.” (Mother Theresa)


Tai chi is increasingly recommended by health practitioners (GPs, physiotherapists, osteopaths, etc.) for its health benefits. It is a martial art, so it can be great fun to do movements used for fighting, such as punching or kicking in a gentle way. Tai chi is very gentle because it follows your body structure. We don’t force the body into difficult, uncomfortable positions. All the movements are done standing.


In tai chi, there are five main styles: chen, yang, wu, sun and hao. The chen style is the most traditional and all other styles come from it. The origins of tai chi are shrouded in mystery, but one theory is that it was born in Chen Village, Hunan Province (China) several hundred years ago. Alda and Nick teach Chen style.

Each tai chi style has different forms, long and short, depending on the sequence of movements that they include. The 8 form is a sequence of 8 tai chi movements. The 11 form is a sequence of 11. The 8 form and the 11 form provide an opportunity to become acquainted with tai chi without committing to years of practice to learn a long form. It is excellent for those students who are interested in tai chi for health reasons. These are the forms that we teach.

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Health Tai chi in Devon

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