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There are lots of qi gong exercises, from shouting out loud in nature to hugging a tree, to physical movements, such as the five animals qigong that emulates the movements of wild animals. These are the ones you will encounter in my classes. My classes are very fluid and incorporate knowledge from the following sources:

1. Chinese Health Qigong Association: I trained with different masters from the Chinese Health Qigong Association. I teach health qi gong sets which consist of a number of daoyin exercises. Daoyin exercises are physical movements, including stretching and strength building exercises, imitations of animal movements, massage exercises and exercises to promote the circulation of qi.

Mawangdui-Scroll2“According to the record, daoyin exercises can regulate the flow of qi and blood through breath control, and increase flexibility through stretching.” (From Mawangdui Daoyin Exercises, Chinese Health Qi Gong Association, 2012). They can also enhance the practitioners’ health.  The earliest known reference to daoyin exercises is in the Book of Zhuangzi (c. 2100-221 BC).

I teach qi gong exercises from four of the qi gong sets standardised by the Chinese Health Qi Gong Association: Ba Duan Jin (eight treasures), Wu Qin Xi (five animal qi gong), Yi Jin Jing and Mawangdui.

2. Mantak Chia’s qigong: I attended workshops with Anamarta Antunes and Kris Deva North, both disciples of Master Mantak Chia who has researched, developed and published many internal qigong exercises (also called taoist yoga), based on the Taoist tradition. I teach healing sounds, inner smile meditation, and iron shirt qigong.

3. Meditation: I have prayed when I was raised as a Christian and attended Buddhist and Taoist meditation workshops. Both prayer and meditation have a similar effect on my body: calming and relaxing, connecting me to something deeper or bigger, hard to define. I am currently an active meditator and practice mindfulness in my daily life. My qigong classes are highly influenced by my previous experiences.

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Five Animal Master

Training with Professor Wu who compiled the five animals qigong set.

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