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Qigong in Chudleigh

It all started when Alda was teaching qigong in a pilates studio in Newton Abbot. When the studio decided to stop the qigong classes, one of her students was so keen that she followed her to Dawlish and recruited her daughter. They both loved the classes, but they are from Chudleigh. They asked Alda to please start teaching qigong in Chudleigh. So she did in September 2016. We are still there, and welcoming new students in class.


Mawangdui Qigong

What is so special about qigong? It is gentle, easy to learn, relaxing. You don’t need to be very flexible, you just need to be able to stand on your two feet and move your arms around. It is that simple and that is why my student fell in love with it. And so did I years ago. It looks as beautiful as a dance; the exercises have fancy names, such as dragon flying, or wild duck swimming; and last but not least the health benefits are numberless. Here are some:

¨  Relieves lower back pain;

¨  Helps combat stress & depression;

¨  Relief for arthritis & osteoporosis;

¨  Helps combat diabetes & asthma;

¨  Good for heart & kidney issues;

¨  Calm mind, relaxed body*

Wednesday Morning – Qigong Chudleigh

Start Date: Wednesday, 9th January
Time: 09:30-10:30
Venue: Town Hall, Market Way, Chudleigh, Newton Abbot, TQ13 0HL.
Cost: £8 per class

* Health benefits as indicated by the British Health Qigong Association.


“Qigong has helped me mentally focus and relax and been ‘significantly’ beneficial to my physical health within only a matter of months of starting. The instructor, Alda, is an outstanding teacher who is cognisant of learning styles ensuring that ‘all’ her students clearly understand what they are doing, how to do it and why! She has an exceptional skill that affords her students the ability to visualise specific elements thus immediately improving performance and her delivery style is gentle, humorous, encouraging and highly reinforcing. As a trainer of other trainers (in a different field), I can truthfully say that I have never before encountered such excellent instruction as that provided by Alda.” (Karen, Starcross, 2017)

Health Qigong in Devon

Laugh lots, calm down, live longer! 

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