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Taichi & qigong news – HoM becomes international

I’ve been quite busy lately in the House of movement. A lot to decide, a lot to organise, a lot to plan ahead, but everything seems to be falling into place. These are some news for the next term starting in September.

1) New venue in Dublin 2: All the new September courses will be in Ground Floor, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2, next door to the previous venue at South William Space.

2) New taichi courses starting in September: New course schedule already published with early bird offer. Check my website and confirm your name on the list to avail of a discount.

3) Taichi Festival in Ennis, Clare on 3rd September: As part of the fundraising for the Irish team who will compete in the 4th World Health Qigong Tournament & Exchange, a tai chi festival will take place in Ennis with many instructors affiliated to the Ireland Tai Chi and Qigong Association. More info here.

4) Master Liming Yue seminar in Loughrea, Galway on 10-11 September: Master Liming Yue returns to Ireland to teach for a weekend. On Saturday the seminar is open to all levels. Check details in the Ireland Tai Chi and Qi Gong Association website, here.

5) 4th World Health Qigong Tournament & Exchange in Canada on 15-22 September: I am part of the team who will represent Ireland in the tournament. So far, House of movement has fundraised €724 for the Irish team. Thanks everyone for your contribution.

6) Chinese Health Qi Gong Association will visit Ireland in October: A delegation from the official Chinese Health Qi Gong Association will be teaching in Ireland in October. They will be in Dublin on 24 and 25 October, so pencil these dates in your calendars. Closer to the dates, all the details will be posted in my website.

If you wish to be part of my mailing list and be updated, just send me your email and you will receive all the news in your inbox. Contact Alda. Optionally, you can subscribe to this website or Like our page in Facebook.

And this is all for now! Exciting term ahead after the August break.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


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Tai chi / qi gong workshop – Fundraising

Last Sunday I was filled with joy after finishing the first big event to sponsor the Irish team trip to Canada to participate in the 4th World Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange. More info here.

It was a great day with lots of fun and some surprises. We started the day with some chen style warm-ups and standing, learning some basic principles, doing some energy exercises and then some of the chen style 11 form moves. During the morning there was also a demonstration of chen style and wu style tai chi.

We went for lunch, and after lunch we had a free raffle as a thank you for the participants support. The winners were: Andrée – Chen Style Foundation DVD; Héctor – Ba Duan Jin book; Hanna – Tai chi for health book; John – Voucher for a course in the House of movement for €35; and Beulah, who did a fantastic work recruiting more than 4 people for the workshop and funnily enough won a voucher for a free tai chi or qi gong course.

In the afternoon, we learnt some moves from the five animals and 8 section brocade qi gong sets and we left tired but happy after some laughs, some relaxing exercises and the promise of more learning in the future.

Thank you all for being there, for supporting this event and bringing friends along. Our next date will be next Saturday in the Iveagh Gardens at 11:30 for some outdoors tai chi/ qi gong. Looking forward to it!!

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4th International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange

Qigong, as an art of healing and health preservation is thought to have originated in China as early as four thousand years ago. Although practised by millions in the East, it is largely unknown in many parts of Western civilization.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, Qigong is being promoted by the Chinese Health Qigong Association (who will visit Ireland next October. More info here) as a gift to the world and valuable tool to regaining and maintaining optimum fitness for any individuals that practise it.

As part of this worldwide promotion, the Ireland Tai Chi and Qigong Association have been asked to put forward a team to compete in the upcoming international tournament in Vancouver this September. The Irish team are all qualified instructors of Qigong and Tai chi and hope that their participation in the tournament will help improve their Qigong expertise and in turn that of their present and future students in Ireland.

Any help we can get in enabling the Irish team to travel and take part in Vancouver will be gratefully received.

As part of the Irish team, Alda Gomez and the House of movement will organise fundraising events related to tai chi & qi gong. The first of these events will be a 4-hour tai chi and qigong workshop on Sunday, 24 July.

  • Date: Sunday, 24 July
  • Venue: Ground floor, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2
  • Time: 12-4pm
  • Cost: €35

Direct sponsorship will also be accepted. You can use my email address with Paypal and write Qigong in the reference. I’ve been trying to put one of those fancy Paypal buttons in this page, but I haven’t been lucky so far. If you want to be updated on how much we are fundraising, go to our Facebook page: Ireland Health Qigong Team Canada.

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Master Liming Yue in Loughrea, Galway

This is a quick note to let everyone interested know that Master Liming Yue will be back in Ireland next weekend. If you would like to train with a very experienced master, this is your chance.

On Saturday, he will be teaching: Warm up exercises, Silk reeling energy exercises and Qi Gong breathing exercises. He will specifically cover Ba Duan Jin (8 section silk brocade) and Zhan Zhuan Qi Qong (standing meditation), and also the Chen Tai Chi 11 form. Any student can attend this workshop, no matter how long you have been practising tai chi. It is open to all levels. The cost for the day is €60.

He will also be teaching on Sunday and Monday, but these days are only open to advanced students and instructors.

If you want to purchase videos or books, they will be available on the day.

If you want to book a place for the Saturday workshop, contact Alda or John Collins at 086 8377147 (

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Earth qi gong for women and Tina Zhang in Dublin

Last weekend, a group of over 20 women enjoyed the teachings of Sifu Tina Zhang. In her second visit to Ireland, she came to Dublin for an intensive weekend to teach us the beautiful set of earth qi gong for women. Tina is thorough and gentle in her explanations because she knows these exercises can benefit all women and their bodies.

A Chinese proverb says: “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”. Tina has just left Ireland after opening a door for us through her patient teachings, soft corrections, and constant encouragement. We all have a different body and a different energy. She advised us to work through understanding better our own energy, to look inside and learn from our bodies through regular practice.

So now it is up to us to enter the door Tina opened. It is time to practise, inquiry, read, move our bodies and readjust our postures letting ourselves be guided by our internal energy. This weekend, I have been inspired by a wonderful woman, and I feel motivated to start learning earth qi gong for women in depth.

I did not take the assessment to become an instructor this time, but if you wish to experience this qi gong set, I can highly recommend my tai chi /qi gong colleague Nicola Jones from Earth Balance Tai Chi. She will surely be organising earth qi gong for women courses or workshops very soon. Have a look at her website:

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Sifu Tina Zhang comes back to Ireland

On 13-15 May 2011, Sifu Tina Zhang from the Wu Tang Physical Culture Association in New York returns to Dublin for a weekend workshop especially for women. Tina is a soft-spoken, patient, and dedicated teacher who never stops enquiring, learning, and sharing her knowledge. She has trained with the most respected martial arts masters in China.

“She is a disciple of Master Li Bing Ci, the president of Beijing Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan research center and a disciple of Classical Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang Master Liu Jing Ru of Beijing.  She also is studying Chen Village Style Tai Ji Quan with Masters of the Chen Village.” (From Tina’s website)

Qi Gong for women is a qi gong programme for women’s health. Based on the principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and classic qi gong, it addresses the particular needs of a female body.

“It focuses on generating female energy through a series of gentle, conscious, enjoyable, and easy-to-do movements, that creates pelvic health, awakening and connecting the  positive energy in women’s organs and system, as well as balancing the emotion to promote general health.” (See the workshop leaflet here.)

Last June, Tina did a qi gong for women 2-hour workshop in The Santuary facilities, as seen in the pictures. It was an unforgettable experience. I had the feeling that I was able to really connect to my body from a different perspective. Tina’s explanations were very clear and I was left with a longing for more. Now, she is back with a full weekend of qi gong movements. I highly recommend her workshop. I will not miss it!

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Master Liming Yue in Ireland

This is a brief note to let you know that Master Liming Yue will be Ireland in two weeks. He will have a workshop open to all levels in the Carlton Hotel in Galway on Saturday 26 and open to advanced students on Sunday 27 February.

Master Liming Yue imageDetails:
Saturday: 2pm – 6pm Warm up exercises, Silk reeling energy exercises and Qi Gong breathe exercises. Specificaly covered will be Ba Duan Jin and Zhan Zhuan Qi Qong, Chen Tai Chi 11 form.
Sunday: 10am – 2pm Warm up exercises, Silk reeling energy exercises and Qi Gong breathe exercises. Specificaly covered will be Lao Jia, we will also commence training on push hands. – suitable for people who have covered first 15 movements of Lao Jia.

This is a great opportunity to experience the teachings of a great master. But if you can’t make it this weekend, do not worry. Master Liming Yue will be back to Ireland very soon. I will keep you posted.


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Earth Qi Gong for Women with Tina C Zhang

About 25 women gathered in the lovely gardens of The Sanctuary on Monday 21 June to attend an impressive workshop with Sifu Tina C Zhang (Earth Qi Gong for Women).

Tina demonstrating the Dear Walk

Tina explained how important it is for the current working woman to find some time to herself and relax. Women are giving beings by nature, and Tina recommended these exercises to start giving to oneselves.  These exercises are wonderful to release any tension in the body and gather energy.

Qi Gong means “energy work” and this is what it is all about. Earth qi gong for women is a set of exercises which promote a body and mind approach to women’s general health.

“It creates pelvic health which in turn helps women to balance their emotions as well as hormones to ease or arrest uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation, menopause and in all stages of their lives.” Tina Zhang (Earth Qi Gong for Women)

Tina taught us different exercises, including the deer walk and the earth energy which improve the female organs function and cultivate the female (earth) energy respectively. During the exercises, my main feeling was a sense of lengthening of my back, esp. my lower back, and a general sense of strength and power in a very relaxed and easy way. I have already started to incorporate them to my tai chi and chi gung daily practice. They are just wonderful!