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M Nick Taylor DTCC

Master Nick Taylor started his tai chi career 17 years ago when he met Grandmaster Liming Yue in Manchester. He describes it as an epiphany that transformed his entire life. Since then, he has been training regularly with GM Liming Yue, having trained with other skilled masters in Europe and in China.

In 2003, Nick created the Devon Tai Chi Centre to promote tai chi and qi gong in the South West. Since then, he has regularly run tai chi classes for all levels and designed a seated tai chi curriculum for the elderly that both him and Alda implement in different care homes. He also organized many international events, including a Shaolin Masters show in Exeter and Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei’s visit to Devon. It is not often that we have masters of such high reputation in chen style tai chi visiting the South West. Nick organizes Grandmaster Liming Yue’s yearly visits to Devon.

With a constant interest for new knowledge and training, he discovered and trained in Chinese remedial massage, Tuina. In 2003, he was awarded the qualification of Master Tuina Practitioner. He created Devon Tuina, and offers deep tissue massage in Teignmouth to alleviate chronic conditions, such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, and other musculoskeletal conditions.


Nick Taylor is a Senior Indoor Student of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (9th Duan Wei) and a 12th generation transmitter of Chen Style Family Tai Chi. He is also a Disciple of Grandmaster Liming Yue (7th Duan Wei).

Nick holds level 5th Duan Wei by the Chinese Wushu Association, Beijing, for his tai chi skill and level 2th Duan Wei, awarded by the Chinese Health Qigong Association for his qigong skill.

Health Tai chi in Devon

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