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In this website, you will find information about tai chi and qigong classes run by Alda Gomez and Nick Taylor. Nick and Alda met through their shared passion for tai chi and qigong and different healing modalities, and got together to share their different approaches to both tai chi and qigong in Devon. They both train regularly with Grandmaster Liming Yue, based in Manchester at the Tai Chi Centre.

Originally from London, Nick founded the Devon Tai Chi Centre in 2003 after moving to the South West. Since then, he has been sharing his passion for tai chi in different areas of Devon. Originally from Spain, Alda founded the House of Movement in 2010 in Dublin, Ireland. She moved to Devon in the summer of 2014 where she is permanently based now.

At the moment, you are visiting Alda’s website House of Movement. Alda stopped teaching in December 2019 due to her increasing demands in her counselling career. Click above links to visit Nick’s website or GM Liming’s.

Nick, Alda, Liming

Health Tai chi in Devon

Laugh lots, calm down, live longer! 

Email me now at or call 07437 332032

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