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11 Short Form – Movement Names

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In class, I am very often asked a very basic question, which I sometimes forget to mention while teaching. It is the movement names for the 11 short form that we are learning. Here they are:

  • Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds the Mortar

This movement begins sinking, as if you were sitting in an invisible stool and bringing your arms up. It finishes when you bring your right first down to your left palm while dropping your right leg to the ground. More weight on the left leg.

  • Lazy About Tying a Coat

It starts at the end of the first movement by opening the right fist into a palm and turning it outward, while the left palm goes down. Remember here is where the “Sun comes up by the West” and as the “sun goes down, the moon (left arm) goes up”. It finishes with left hand holding your waist and right hand in front of you facing forward, with arm extended aligned with your right knee. About 60% weight on your right leg.

  • Six Sealing and Four Closing

It starts with right palm open towards the front right and left palm going to meet it. It finishes by pushing both palms in a roof-like shape in your left shoulder towards the front right of your body, at your hip height. Most of the weight on the right leg.

  • Single Whip

It starts when palms are turning to face up after the last movement and right stays slightly behind to soon make a hook and “Strike a match”, then you kick to the left. It finishes with both arms spread, right arm with a hook at the end, left arm with open palm, about 60% weight on the left leg.

  • White Cranes Spreads its Wings

It starts by opening both hands into palms and shifting the weight to the right, waving the arms propelled by your dantian (like a “washing machine with arms”) and it ends with right arm with palm facing the front beside your head pressing up while left palm is pressing down beside your left hip. Most of the weight on the right leg.

  • Walking Forward with a Diagonal Step

It starts with “Slapping” with the right, then the left arms, then a diagonal kick with your left leg to the front and left. It finishes with your left hand into a hook beside your left knee which is bent, while your left leg carries 70% of the weight, and right hand extended towards the right, body facing forward, sinking and relaxing into both hips.

  • First Closing

It starts with both palms coming closer and turning to face up (right palm slightly behind your left palm) on top of your left knee (remember left leg is carrying a lot of the weight), your hips turning to the right corner, and it finishes by bringing both palms in front of your central line, bringing your left foot in and keeping most of the weight on the right leg.

  • Stepping Forward Three Times

It starts by bringing the arms around in a circular motion towards the right side of your body to continue with left arm going ahead and forward at the same time as your left leg steps forward diagonally. It ends with your body facing the corner after having kicked diagonally, 70% weight on your right leg, and left and right palms crossed in front of you, right palm up, left palm down.

  • Punch with Covering Fist

It starts with shifting the weight to the left leg and bringing the arms to both sides with palms facing down. It ends with your weight 70% on your left leg, your right arm punching forward, your left arm propelled back with palm resting on the side of your body.

  • Step Back and Whirl Arms on Both Sides

It starts with opening your right fist into a palm and the left palm goes over the right arm, both palms facing down, while shifting the weight to the right. It finishes by kicking your right leg back diagonally to the right, keeping the weight to the front, your right palm pushes back, your left palm is pushing forward slightly higher than your right palm.

  • Buddha’s Warrior’s Attendant Pounds the Mortar

It starts by bringing your right palm up facing the right (which will become the front), your left arm down palm facing down, shifting the weight to your right leg and turning your left toes to the right (which will be the front). It finishes with your right fist down to your left palm and dropping your right leg.


A deep breath and a humble tai chi salute.


Here is a link to a youtube video where you can see the whole form. My recommendation is to put your laptop facing a mirror so that you can practise while mirroring Jamal. Sifu Jamal has been training with Master Liming Yue for many years and is one of his senior indoor students.




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