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Can you change your reality?

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I came across a fascinating video in youtube the other day that I feel everyone should listen to and watch. Dr. Bruce Lipton, doctor in cellular biology, and author of The biology of belief explains in a very simple language how you can change your reality.

Your subconscious mind can only be changed by habit

First, he offers an explanation of the difference between your conscious and your subconscious minds and how they both interact. He explains that the subconscious mind can only be changed by habit. That is why even when you are adamant that you wish to change a pattern in your behaviour, for example, your conscious mind finds it hard to do. You need to practise a few times to be able to create a habit so that the subconscious mind translates this habit into a new behaviour.

If you love yourself, love will be knocking at your door

He focuses on two particular areas that are interesting to all of us: health and love. He explains that if you believed as a child that you were not good enough, defaulted somehow, that is the reality you create because that is your programming. But if you tell yourself that you are loved, and you love yourself, love will be knocking at your door. If you have a cancer, but you keep on telling yourself that you are healthy, your subconscious mind will record this message. Health will ensue.  As the brain looks for coherence, if you manage to change your subconscious beliefs through habit, your conscious reality will also change.

The information he shares is based on Dr. Bruce Lipton research on cellular biology. As human beings are made of cells, his research is about human biology. His explanations are based on evidence based facts. If you wish to read the scientific underpinnings of his ideas, get his book The biology of belief.

Now here is the video for your perusal:

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