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Do you listen to your heart or your mind?

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A few days ago, I was walking by the seaside in Teignmouth after finishing a very good read: The Hearts’ Code, and my mind wandered towards the realms of the body and mind, heart and mind dichotomies. Although my brain has always been an important part of my life, I have also made very good decisions based on my heart. In The Hearts’ Code, Dr. Paul Pearsall literally leads us into a world of new discoveries.

heart's code

He explains the new research on the cellular memories installed in the heart, and the relationship between heart and mind. The book highlights the importance of listening to one’s heart. The heart stores important memories, including ancient collective memories that could be essential for our survival. The author tells us that he found healing by listening to his heart. But he is not naïve. He knows that the heart needs to “think” in combination with the mind. The mind can distort our reality, but it can also help us make sense of it. Both need to go hand in hand in the process of healing, discovering and asserting ourselves, expressing who we are.


I have seen many people following their infatuations and shallow desires and calling it “following my heart”. So it is satisfying to read a book that focuses on the heart from a scientific perspective without getting into the “happy-go-lucky” of some heart-oriented lovers.


The book is an interesting read for a spring or a summer holiday. It will help you connect to your heart, at least while you’re reading the book.


I wonder where the “gut” instinct fits in all the interesting research presented by the author though. I have come across authors who separate mind and gut instead of mind and heart. Whatever the dichotomy chosen, it is clear to me, and increasingly clear to the scientific world that body and mind are intrinsically connected. There is not one without the other. When you look after your body, you are also looking after your mind and vice versa.

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