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Spirituality – Connection to myself and another

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Last week, my partner’s daughter was around for lunch and we went for a beautiful walk by the Teignmouth back beach. It turned out that we started to talk about spirituality. The rich conversation made me reflect on how I view my own spirituality, what type of meaning I construe when I talk about being spiritual. I thought I would share it with you, in case you may find it of interest.

In my opinion, spirituality is a connection to the divine and that is a connection to love in its pure essence as I believe the divine is love. Many religions agree that the divine is love.

Every time we connect to the divine within us, in other words, to the love within us, we have a spiritual experience. There are many different ways in which we can experience this connection, but all of them happen in relationship. Here are two different relationships that, in my opinion, we can develop in our spiritual path.

Relationship to oneself – I believe that each one of us is a spiritual being. Every time we connect to that divine essence in ourselves, every time we truly connect to ourselves, we are engaged in our spiritual life. Examples:

  • Meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, qigong done alone
  • Everyday life chores done with love/ mindfulness/ being present, such as cooking, washing up, shopping
  • Painting, writing, entertain ourselves while connecting to our inner self
  • Accepting our faults, being in that intimate connection to our divine essence even when we don’t like what we do.


One to one relationships – When we dare to love another as a divine being, looking for the beauty in them instead of their faults, when we dare to show our pure essence, including our vulnerability to another, when we open our eyes to truly receive and being received by another, we are engaged in our spirituality. Examples:

  • Loving love-making
  • Caring, loving words and acts for a loved one
  • Staying connected to love despite another’s angry words and acts against themselves, us or the world.
  • Games, fun, discussion done with respect and love with another person.

Our physical life starts in connection to another (mother). Our spiritual life starts when we become aware of the link between our divine essence and our body and are able to connect both, when we can connect to our true love inside while relating to self and another.

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