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Interesting tai chi articles

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This is a short post to recommend some of the tai chi articles which I have been reading in the last couple of months. We are so lucky to have all of this information with a few clicks.

An article which reminds me of the taoist principle of wu wei (action without action):

The Power of Yielding: Getting It Done By Not Doing It

Tai chi article about the famous and spiritual Wudang Mountain (Hubei, China)

Going to the Mountain

Insteresting article linking Eastern and Western medicine, fascia network and acupoints

Review of Evidence Suggesting That the Fascia Network Could Be the Anatomical Basis for Acupoints and Meridians in the Human Body

Portrait of a wonderful Grandmaster who will be in Donegal in June

Chen XiaoWang – Keeper of the taiji secrets

For more information about his seminar in Donegal, visit

I have been posting these and other articles in my Facebook page. If you wish to read them as I’m finding them, become a friend, like House of movement – Tai chi & qi gong in Facebook. Happy reading!

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