Health Tai Chi in Devon


House of movement in 2011


Hightlights of Year 2011 in House of Movement

January 2011 – House of movement runs only one course in the Swan Leisure.

16 students start the 11 form course.

April 2011 – Intensive training and accreditation in Five Animals and 8 piece brocade

May 2011 – Alda participates in Tina Zhang’s workshop in qi gong for women in Dublin

June 2011 – Alda obtains Level 2 instructor accreditation by Master Liming Yue

                     House of movement starts new courses in the South William Space

August 2011 – SpIrish party to fundraise the Irish team in Qi Gong Intl Tournament

September 2011 – Alda competes in Intl Qi Gong Tournament in Canada

October 2011 – HoM runs 6 courses: Swan Leisure, Sth William St & Civic Offices

A delegation of Chinese health qi gong masters visits Ireland

November 2011 – House of movement leaves Swan Leisure, teaching only in Dublin 2

Plans for 2012

Health Qigong Affordable Workshops once a month

Master Liming Yue will start teaching in Dublin – First workshop in February 24

More events and news soon!

Thank you all for making this year such a big success. Happy New Year 2012!

2 thoughts on “House of movement in 2011

  1. Well done, what a year and I’m sure the one to come will be even more exciting! May our paths cross again.

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