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Free tai chi classes when you enter HoM

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This is a quick note to let all current and potential students of HoM know that once you enrol a course, you can access other courses in the same level or inferior levels for free.


If you attend the post-beginner course in South William Space on Mondays at 6pm, you can avail of free tai chi classes on Thursdays at 6pm the South William Space.

If you usually go on Mondays at 6pm and you are busy one week, you can make up for that class on Thursday at 6pm.

Also, if you enrol a qi gong course or drop-in a specific week to a qi gong class, you can avail of a discount on a class that same week. For example, if you enrol on the qi gong course on Monday at 7pm, you can go to the drop-in qi gong classes on Thursdays at 7pm for only €10. Or if you dropped in on Monday, and you wish to drop-in on Thursday that same week, you can do so for €10.

If you have any queries about this offer, do not hesitate to contact me.

To all new students, welcome to the House of movement (HoM)!


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