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Tai Chi in the park


Today, I’ve decided to bring my practice outside my building perimeter, and went to do tai chi to the Iveagh Gardens. Earlier in the week, I invited all of the members of my mailing list to join me, if they wished so. Three of my students (2 old and 1 current student) and three newcomers to tai chi joined me at different times after 10:30 and we were waving our arms around until about 11:45.

We did a bit of standing, silk reeling, twinning hands, qi gong breathing, some moves of the 11 form (chen style), some moves of 8 section brocade qi gong, and some moves of five animals qi gong. It was a beautiful morning and we all left happy and relaxed.

It was great to be able to share this experience with all of you, so I thank those who made it, especially Alicia who has been a great tai chi supporter for months, and Hanna who has been my student for over 6 months and supported most of my events.

I would also like to thank the participants for their donations for the Irish team who will compete in the 4th International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange in September in Canada. More info here.

Some participants showed their interest to have a regular class outdoors, so I may take this onboard and organise it, but it won’t happen before next year. In the meantime, I will keep inviting you to my tai chi practice, and I will share my silent moves with you.

Ah, what a great way of starting the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Tai Chi in the park

  1. I have very fond memories of our lessons in the park Alda. The site is looking lovely and I particularly enjoyed looking at your slideshow on the ‘your instructor Alda’ page.

    Sending you good wishes and many congratulations on your recent achievements in tai chi.


    • I also have wonderful memories of our park experience. Hope Life Dreaming will help many people fulfil their dreams. It helped me to see my direction. Thank you. Best of luck for your work!

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