Health Tai Chi in Devon


Master Liming Yue in Loughrea, Galway

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This is a quick note to let everyone interested know that Master Liming Yue will be back in Ireland next weekend. If you would like to train with a very experienced master, this is your chance.

On Saturday, he will be teaching: Warm up exercises, Silk reeling energy exercises and Qi Gong breathing exercises. He will specifically cover Ba Duan Jin (8 section silk brocade) and Zhan Zhuan Qi Qong (standing meditation), and also the Chen Tai Chi 11 form. Any student can attend this workshop, no matter how long you have been practising tai chi. It is open to all levels. The cost for the day is €60.

He will also be teaching on Sunday and Monday, but these days are only open to advanced students and instructors.

If you want to purchase videos or books, they will be available on the day.

If you want to book a place for the Saturday workshop, contact Alda or John Collins at 086 8377147 (

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