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Earth qi gong for women and Tina Zhang in Dublin

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Last weekend, a group of over 20 women enjoyed the teachings of Sifu Tina Zhang. In her second visit to Ireland, she came to Dublin for an intensive weekend to teach us the beautiful set of earth qi gong for women. Tina is thorough and gentle in her explanations because she knows these exercises can benefit all women and their bodies.

A Chinese proverb says: “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”. Tina has just left Ireland after opening a door for us through her patient teachings, soft corrections, and constant encouragement. We all have a different body and a different energy. She advised us to work through understanding better our own energy, to look inside and learn from our bodies through regular practice.

So now it is up to us to enter the door Tina opened. It is time to practise, inquiry, read, move our bodies and readjust our postures letting ourselves be guided by our internal energy. This weekend, I have been inspired by a wonderful woman, and I feel motivated to start learning earth qi gong for women in depth.

I did not take the assessment to become an instructor this time, but if you wish to experience this qi gong set, I can highly recommend my tai chi /qi gong colleague Nicola Jones from Earth Balance Tai Chi. She will surely be organising earth qi gong for women courses or workshops very soon. Have a look at her website:

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