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Traditional Chinese Medicine – Interview with Dr. Mao

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I have come across an interview with an outstanding traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, Maoshing Ni, also called Dr. Mao. In this interesting interview at Sounds True: Insights at the Edge, Dr. Mao explains some Chinese medicine concepts and how they relate to health. He mentions herbal medicine, nutrition and qi gong as part of the healing process. He also talks about methods to delay the aging process, such as under-eating or meditating. Some thoughts about meaning and mortality are also given in a very clear and honest way.

Maoshing Ni: Secrets to Live to be 100

After listening to Dr. Mao, I can see myself eating a little less and breathing a little more to feel a little lighter. And with a little gesture, I wave you good-bye until my next post.

Enjoy the audio!

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