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Sifu Tina Zhang comes back to Ireland

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On 13-15 May 2011, Sifu Tina Zhang from the Wu Tang Physical Culture Association in New York returns to Dublin for a weekend workshop especially for women. Tina is a soft-spoken, patient, and dedicated teacher who never stops enquiring, learning, and sharing her knowledge. She has trained with the most respected martial arts masters in China.

“She is a disciple of Master Li Bing Ci, the president of Beijing Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan research center and a disciple of Classical Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang Master Liu Jing Ru of Beijing.  She also is studying Chen Village Style Tai Ji Quan with Masters of the Chen Village.” (From Tina’s website)

Qi Gong for women is a qi gong programme for women’s health. Based on the principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and classic qi gong, it addresses the particular needs of a female body.

“It focuses on generating female energy through a series of gentle, conscious, enjoyable, and easy-to-do movements, that creates pelvic health, awakening and connecting the  positive energy in women’s organs and system, as well as balancing the emotion to promote general health.” (See the workshop leaflet here.)

Last June, Tina did a qi gong for women 2-hour workshop in The Santuary facilities, as seen in the pictures. It was an unforgettable experience. I had the feeling that I was able to really connect to my body from a different perspective. Tina’s explanations were very clear and I was left with a longing for more. Now, she is back with a full weekend of qi gong movements. I highly recommend her workshop. I will not miss it!

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