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What to expect in a tai chi class in the HoM

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In a tai chi class, you will stretch most of the muscles of your body, you will work on your breathing and internal energy, you will increase your body awareness, and you will become more relaxed. All of the exercises are done standing, so you don’t need a yoga mat. All you need are loose clothes and comfortable shoes.

A tai chi class in the House of Movement (HoM) is generally structured like this:

1) Warm-ups: This is a body practice of standard movements which follow Chinese medicine principles in order to properly prepare the body to warm up before a tai chi practice.

2) Standing: This is a static stance. It is important to maintain the body in the correct alignments for a few minutes in order to improve your posture. While standing, you will be invited to focus on your internal feelings, increasing your body awareness.

3) Tai Chi Exercises: You will be practising silk reeling, twinning hands or any of the other chen style exercises. This practice will allow you to study in detail some of the movements constantly repeated in the chen style forms.

4) Tai Chi Sequence: During this part of the class, you will learn one of the 11 movements of the chen style short form. While learning these movements, you will be incorporating the exercises done independently before.

The first 3 parts of the class will physically and mentally prepare you to learn the movements in the 11 short form, or any other tai chi style form.

House of movement will be running a new beginner course in June. If you are interested, please let me know.

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