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Starting a tai chi practice (II) — What to practise

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In my last post: Starting a tai chi practice — Time matters, I wrote a few tips of things that I found useful in my early beginnings of tai chi. As a starting point, I recommended to consider time issues in order to create a tai chi practice habit. My tips are based on personal experience, but each person is different. What worked for me may not work for you. Feel free to try other ways. As long as you manage to start practising, every method is welcomed.

So, let’s recall that it is recommended to commit to practise most days (as opposed to every day) at a convenient time during the day for 5-15 minutes during a specific period of time (3 months).

My students often wonder whether one exercise is more important and is recommended for their daily tai chi practice. If you haven’t started a tai chi practice yet, my recommendation is to focus on creating a habit, being very flexible about what to practise. It can be useful to let yourself enjoy your favourite exercises for a little while. It is all entirely up to you, depending on how long you have committed to train, and based on your personal preferences. Do warm-ups, qi gong breathing, silk reeling, some tai chi moves, tai chi standing. At this stage, be flexible and treat yourself to your favourites.

As an example, I would let you know that my first three months of tai chi regular practice went like this: at first, I prioritised breathing exercises and as the time went on, I focused more and more on qi gong body movements and tai chi standing.

Remember that at this stage, your aim is not to train itself, but to create a habit.



One thought on “Starting a tai chi practice (II) — What to practise

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