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Tai chi drop-in classes

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Do you organise tai chi drop-in classes? Can I come to your class on an ad hoc basis? Do you provide a pay per class service?

I often receive questions like these. I understand that some of us prefer the flexibility and freedom of a course that allows us to drop in and do some exercise only those weeks we feel in the mood for it. Or we may be facing financial difficulties and prefer to have the option to pay every week and adjust our budget according to our needs. Or we are not sure if we would like the course we want to try out and we would rather drop in for one or two classes and see if we enjoy it before committing to a full course.

In tai chi, it is extremely important to attend all (or most) of the tai chi classes in order to learn the sequence of movements as well as the tai chi principles. This makes it possible for the student to practice at home. However, some of you may just want to have an idea of what tai chi is about and do not plan to practice at home, so a special class has been designed for you.

In the tai chi foundation courses organised, the student will learn some of the tai chi principles, some qigong breathing exercises, and some of the 11 movement of the chen style short form. Some classes may also include some qi gong exercises.

In the tai chi drop-in classes you will get a flavour of tai chi and you will know if you want to go a step further and start learning the chen style short form in one of my beginners courses.

If I were you I would commit to a full course though. Realistically, you will not get a feeling about tai chi unless you do it for a while. Even though you will feel better from the first class, I would encourage you to be patient and come to all (or most) classes in a full course to have a more comprehensive experience about this ancient art.

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