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One tai chi course gives you free access to any of the classes

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No, it is not a trick. It is correct. When you join one of the tai chi courses, you can go to your usual weekly classes and become a visitor in the other classes of your same level.

This can be useful if something comes up and you cannot go to your usual tai chi class. Instead, you can go to another class at a different time or location.

It is also possible to repeat tai chi classes the same week. If you would like to get some extra practice, you can go to different classes the same week. Check the tai chi classes in your level each term to see how many classes you can do in one week.

Tai Chi requires patience and discipline. Students often report they find it difficult to practice at home. By allowing you to go to many classes, this system facilitates your practice so that you will become healthier while having fun with your classmates.

At the moment, you will be able to choose between any of my foundation classes. Have a look at the Tai Chi Classes page and see all the classes you can attend in the same week.

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