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Earth Qi Gong for Women with Tina C Zhang

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About 25 women gathered in the lovely gardens of The Sanctuary on Monday 21 June to attend an impressive workshop with Sifu Tina C Zhang (Earth Qi Gong for Women).

Tina demonstrating the Dear Walk

Tina explained how important it is for the current working woman to find some time to herself and relax. Women are giving beings by nature, and Tina recommended these exercises to start giving to oneselves.  These exercises are wonderful to release any tension in the body and gather energy.

Qi Gong means “energy work” and this is what it is all about. Earth qi gong for women is a set of exercises which promote a body and mind approach to women’s general health.

“It creates pelvic health which in turn helps women to balance their emotions as well as hormones to ease or arrest uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation, menopause and in all stages of their lives.” Tina Zhang (Earth Qi Gong for Women)

Tina taught us different exercises, including the deer walk and the earth energy which improve the female organs function and cultivate the female (earth) energy respectively. During the exercises, my main feeling was a sense of lengthening of my back, esp. my lower back, and a general sense of strength and power in a very relaxed and easy way. I have already started to incorporate them to my tai chi and chi gung daily practice. They are just wonderful!

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