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HoM strives to bring you the best tuition to your doorstep. Because of that, numerous events are organised over the year with guest tai chi masters. My tai chi grandmaster, Liming Yue, comes to Devon twice a year. He is an indoor student of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. He is very busy travelling around the world to spread his knowledge, so we are lucky to  have him teach in Devon. Numbers are on the increase for these popular events and spaces are limited. If you’re interested in learning from Grandmaster Liming Yue (or other masters), book now. Call me at 074373 32032 or email me at houseofmovement@gmail.com.

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Qi Gong workshop with Alda Gomez

More info soon

Tai chi workshop with Master Nick Taylor

More info soon

Tai Chi Workshop with Grandmaster Liming Yue

Saturday and Sunday 1-2 November 2014 — Guest Teacher: Grandmaster Liming Yue

Organised by Master Nick Taylor from Devon Tai Chi & Qi Gong Centre

Grandmaster Liming has dedicated his life to martial arts, starting his tai chi training at an early age in China. He is an indoor student of well-known Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. His rich knowledge is enhanced by his life experiences in China. As a teacher, he has endeavoured to demonstrate the movements and open the gates to energy flow for many students in different countries. He has been teaching in Devon for many years, and his workshops are usually at an easy to access venue in Exeter.

To book a place, contact Alda Gomez at 074373 32032 or Nick Taylor at 07968 174934.

Grandmaster Liming Yue’s visits are organised by Master Nick Taylor in Devon Tai Chi & Qi Gong Centre

Tai chi in Devon at HoM – New courses 


4 November 11:30-12:30 – Qi Gong in Totnes – £49/ 7 weeks – Book Now!

Ongoing 12:30-1:30pm – Move & Write Totnes – £4/ class – Book Now!


19 November 6:30-7:30pm – Qi Gong in Exeter – £35/ 5 weeks – Book Now!


6 November 6-7pm – Tai Chi in Teignmouth – £49/ 7 weeks – Book Now!

Pay One, Get One Free. If you join this course, you can go to Dawlish course for free.


One to one classes in Exeter & Teignmouth at £38/ hour – Book Now!

Chen Style Tai chi in Devon

Every movement counts! Make the first movement and book your course.

Email me now at houseofmovement@gmail.com or call 074373 32032



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