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Qi Gong Dublin Courses

Qi Gong Dublin 8 – Synge Street and Candem Street

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” (Hippocrates)

If you have the time, this is your chance. As you probably know, with time and practice, qi gong may help you heal. Qigong works because the movements are thought to help UNBLOCK THE ENERGY stuck in the meridians. Blocked energy is considered to be the cause of mental and physical illness in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You may experience tingling, warmth, cooling drafts, or similar sensations as the qi starts circulating through your body. My master uses a clear image to explain how the qi starts flowing: an energy block is like a pinched hose. When you follow a qi gong set, you can release some of the blockages allowing the energy to flow, just as water can freely flow through a hose once you undo the pinch. When this happens, your body may release stale qi in different ways, such as yawning, sighing, or anything that moves the body and expels toxins. I often tell my students that I must be the only teacher who is happy when her students yawn! It means that their energy is moving, the body is releasing tension and healing is happening.

In class, I focus on teaching you the movements as much as on helping you feel relaxed. By relaxing your body, keeping a relaxed concentration on the movements, and breathing at a certain pace, you may start connecting to the qi flowing through your body with its healing properties.

Wednesday Evening - Mawangdui Daoyin Shu Qigong - Book now!

Teaching: Bird spreading its wings, Stretching the abdomen, Hawk glaring, Stretching the waist

Level: All levels
Start Date:  Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Time: 19:15-20:15
Venue: Zephyr room, the Lantern Centre, Synge Street, Dublin 8
Cost: €50 for 4 weeks

Meditation & Qi Gong – Restore Clinic – Camden Street 

Teaching: Enroll into a moving and still meditation with diverse health qi gong movements

Level: All levels
Start Date:  Thursday, 17 April 2014
Time: 17:45-18:45
Venue: Restore Clinic, 67 Camden Street, Dublin 8
Cost: €50 for 4 weeks

Workshops – Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 April - Masters from the Chinese Health Qigong AssociationBook now!


Information about the venues

Location: The Lantern Centre, 17 Synge Street, Dublin 8

Important! Please note that the Lantern Centre is the building beside the big church at Synge St. The free parking is not at the church grounds. It is beside the Lantern centre on the other side of the building. The best way to access the Lantern centre is by the door at the parking lot as it is always open.

Zephyr room – Once you get into that door, go straight into the backyard, turn right and Zephyr room is the last door on the right.

Westcourt room – Once you get into the parking door, turn left, go upstairs to the Westcourt room.

Location: Restore Clinic, 67 Camden Street, Dublin 8

Qi Gong in Dublin at HoM – New courses 


11:00-12:00 Tai Chi for Beginners - €50 /4wks - Book Now!


19:15-20:15 Qi Gong Mawangdui – All levels - €50 /4wks - Book Now!

20:30-21:30 Tai Chi for Beginners - €50 /4wks - Book Now!


April 28-29 – Chinese Health Qigong Association Masters - €45/ 3 hours Book Now!

One to One

Qi Gong One to One Sessions on Thursdays - €50 /1 hour - Book Now!

Health Qi Gong in Dublin City Centre 

Every movement counts! Make the first movement and book your course.

Email me now at houseofmovement@gmail.com or call 087 7750782





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